The Last Gathering, 2019

This site-specific exhibition shows sculptures of Erik Aardema and paintings of Tom van Veen. Without announcement we installed the works at this specific location to interrupt and interfere, but also to have an open dialogue which is not only focussing on (art) history of material and matter, but also on the social context. The works are dealing with power struggle, icons and signs of a group and how to exploit them. It questions the ideal as a myth or a common plot, which inevitably causes a result of non-functionality or -truth.

The work is strongly based on the humanistic interpretation in which the ‘idea of good’ is not so much that of religion or reason, Enlightenment or the free market, but primarily a form of thinking in which man and his possibilities are always central. It therefore questions thinking in which this is not taken for granted. A thinking in which the individual is subordinate to the group or a higher authority such as a church, nation or ideology. Every person must be treated as a target, not as a medium, as Kant puts it in his famous Maxime.